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Authentic Wili Wili seeds!!!


Wili Wili tress are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands.  Found on the dryer sides of the islands, these trees are drought resistant survivors, flowering in the fall showing beautiful yellow or peach colored flowers. 


This variety, found locally. produces vibrant red seeds, we hand harvested and drilled these seeds with the utmost respect to create beautiful permanent leis.  A traditional polynesian style necklace. 


These leis have a beautiful sheen and sturdy weight to them, making them a long loved addition to your life.   Wearing is sure to bring curious questions from admirers.


These leis are limited in number as these are very special seeds.  We also sprout the seeds and propagate the Wili Wili trees, with ultimate respect to the Hawaiian culture and these unique trees.


E Mālama I Ka `Āina, E Ola Pono

Cherish the Land, Live in Health and Harmony



Fun Fact:  Traditionally Hawaiians would make surfboards from the buoyant wood of the Wili Wili tree.

Wili Wili seed necklace


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