Herb energetics: Relaxing & Cooling


Passionflower is a relaxing nervine, active on the central nervous system and very helpful at calming thought cycles and mental chatter.  Useful at reducing anxiety and restless agitation, passionflower can be a great supportive herb when life gets busy. We grow and wild harvest our passionflower from the most pristine and wild places on Maui to ensure the medicine we make is high quality, unadulterated and potent. 


Best to take 1-2 droppers sublingually, as needed to reduce anxiety.  Take regularly to help reduce and prevent anxiety. Take during the day for anxiety and stress, take at night time to aid in a peaceful sleep.  


Hold the tincture under your tongue for up to one minute before swallowing to get full benefits.  Since herbs can have a different effect on individual systems, dosage will vary. Start on the low end of the suggested dosage and slowly work your way up until you are feeling the desired effect. 

Passionflower Tincture


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