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Aloha Aina
Aloha Aina
Deep Sleep Tincture

Aloha 'Aina Adaptogenics has great herbal products.  Having encountered them at the Lipoa Farmer’s Market in Kihei, I was intrigued by their herbal tincture called “Deep Sleep." For the last six years I’ve suffered from insomnia; and “Deep Sleep” helps me go to sleep quickly, and stay asleep, with no groggy feeling the next morning.  Highly recommended!


Kathy - Maui

Turmeric Black Pepper

Five months before our Maui trip, I fell backwards onto my back and crushed my L1 vertebrae.  Our third day on the island we went to the Upcountry farmer’s market, that’s when I found Emily and her Turmeric Black Pepper tincture. I have never tried turmeric, but I do know the benefits and was looking for something that would help with my pain and inflammation. Emily, your product works for me! The ingredients are so simple yet effective. I put a dropper in my coffee in the morning and one more dropper later in the afternoon.

It’s been six months now, new X-ray shows my vertebrae has not healed much, but I’m in little to no pain...

Because the inflammation is almost gone, I can step up my exercises at the gym. I’m so glad I stopped to talk to you that day!

Thanks for what you do...


Noni Hemp CBD Herbal Salve

Jaime G.

Flu Fighter Tincture

I have worked in the healthcare industry for 19 years. I stopped receiving the flu shot 3 years ago due to a reaction. I live in Chicago and infectious disease specialists, whom I work with, predicted 2018/2019 was going to be a terrible cold/flu season. And they were right!  My husband and I began taking Flu Fighter in November. As soon as we felt cold/flu symptoms, on day 1, we began the tincture. We took 2 droppers sublingually, 3x a day for 7-10 days. With the organic ingredients(ginger, elderberry, turmeric, etc.) we have found this is to be the only organic remedy that TRULY works due to the antiviral, immune enhancing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s also rich in antioxidants.  The Flu Fighter helped us remain healthy during the cold/flu season. I truly believe in this product and I highly recommend Aloha Aina Adaptogenics.

Darci - Chicago

I discovered Aloha 'Aina Adaptogenics a year ago at the Wednesday's Farmer's Market, while visiting the beautiful island of Maui.  I was immediately intrigued by the tinctures and the Noni Hemp CBD Herbal Salve.  I didn't know much about either.  I expressed the issues I was having and they explained each item they sold and what the benefits were.  I have severe lower back pain and I needed something that worked.  I purchased the 500mg Noni Hemp CBD Salve, as well as the Ashwagandha and Deep Sleep tinctures.  I was and still am completely amazed at the difference these have made in my life!  I love the Noni Hemp CBD Herbal Salve because it works so well and it leaves no residue.  I only need to use a very small amount as it gets absorbed by my skin and leaves me feeling pain free.  The tinctures are equally amazing!  I love that this company is local to Maui, offers delivery to other states and that they make everything themselves.  The ingredients are truly of the utmost quality.  I cannot rave enough about Aloha 'Aina Adaptogenics.  I'm a customer for life! 


Noni CBD Herbal Salve

This stuff is amazing! I strained my shoulder last fall helping a friend while gathering firewood. We had to do a lot of work in a short amount of time. It got to the point where I lifted so much that I couldn't raise my arm past horizontal and it was painful to even get it to that point.  Luckily, I had one of the CBD salves on me and started rubbing it into my shoulder. Withing 10 minutes after applying the salve, I regained full mobility and the sharpness of the pain was gone. I could still feel that my muscle had been strained but I was no longer in pain or limited in my motion. The effects of the salve would last about an hour before the pain would start to come back so I would just reapply it and the pain would leave again! My shoulder was messed up for a solid two weeks, but this stuff got me through it. I'm against putting any sort of pill into my body even over the counter stuff, like ibuprofen.  With this salve I was able to keep working and allow my body to heal on its own. Great stuff, I highly recommend

Jessie - Big Island


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