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Our Roots

Our journey working in unison with plants to create herbal medicine started with love at first site on the isle of Maui in 2008.  Soon two loves grew from one as our love of plants entwined our hearts. With a desire to learn more, our subsequent travels exposed us to many different cultures and their traditions based around farming and healing, we were inspired! Our passion and desire to experience life to the fullest has brought us back to Maui with a calling to make high quality plant based medicines from the 'āina.  Our knowledge and experience of herbs is married with local medicinal Hawaiian plants to bring you the finest natural health and wellness support.  

In Hawaii we are blessed with year round growing seasons, allowing us to utilize the freshest plants and herbs, preserving them at their peak potency.  We are proud to be a small, family run company and ‘Seed to Store' is our motto. Our focus and dedication to all aspects of our business, including growing, harvesting, processing, bottling and distributing, has been providing us with great feedback from our community, far and wide.  We choose to create all of our products by hand in small batches, ensuring the quality and integrity is maintained. We love to share the knowledge that we have acquired through our experience and passion as we continue to learn ourselves. Food is medicine! “What we choose to consume is what powers our energetic and creative forces.” 

                                                Plants Not Pills!

Kids Planting
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Our desire to grow our business and life in a sustainable way has led us to a beautiful piece of land in Ulupalakua, Maui, HI.   As of Spring 2019 we are living completely off grid and happily planting more gardens and trees to support our growing family and to continue to expand our product lines.  We appreciate your support in helping our business and family grow. 

           Malama pono, Malama ‘āina

2022 update: Our family business is growing and expanding!

After multiple offerings to the 'āina & kai along with an abundance of patience our farm found us. Now feeling blessed and based in Hana, Hawaii. We are currently consciously building and exploring the 'āina and all it's current offerings and future potential.  Stay tuned in as we will be offering even more medicine and food to our community near and far.

Plant Medicine
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