Herb energetics: Warming and Slightly Drying 


These two plants are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powerhouses, something we all need!  Our ‘olena(turmeric) is grown on the slopes of Haleakala, we create our tincture with a beautiful blend of Indian and Hawaiian turmeric.  Turmeric now more than ever is being recognized for its medicinal properties, when combined with Black Pepper the beneficial components are vastly easier for your body to absorb and utilize.  Use this tincture to help reduce chronic pains, arthritis and to support your body in dealing with a number of chronic inflammatory disorders. It’s also effective as a digestive and circulatory stimulant, a tonic for liver, gallbladder and supports brain function.


Suggested dosage:

Best  to take sublingually, 1 to 3 dropperfuls,  2-3 times per day for anti-inflammatory benefits. May be added to water, tea or juice. Take once a day to help support the immune system and prevent illness.    


Hold the tincture under your tongue for up to one minute before swallowing to get full benefits.  Since herbs can have a different effect on individual systems, dosage will vary. Start on the low end of the suggested dosage and slowly work your way up until you are feeling the desired effect. 

Turmeric Black Pepper Tincture


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