Our herbal packed Noni Hemp CBD salve is incredibly effective and fast acting.  This is our best selling product, and there is no wonder why!  Three powerhouse anti-inflammatory plants infused into coconut oil & hemp oil, thoughtfully combined with 250mg pure cbd isolate to ensure a wonderful blend of beneficial plant compounds for you. 


Noni leaf is traditionally used in Hawaiian La’au Lapa’au, prepared and applied externally to ease pain, arthritis, swelling and rashes. Arnica has long been used to reduce swelling, bruising and pain from injury or trauma, while comfrey stimulates cell growth and is loaded with minerals to hasten healing. 


Just apply locally where you have need or discomfort and within minutes the pain melts away, allowing you to go on about your business. Re-apply as needed to keep the pain at bay and enjoy your day!


Our customers love our Noni Hemp CBD herbal salve, it rapidly reduces pain, stiffness and swelling, helping your body speed up the healing process.


Topical benefits of CBD: When applied to the