Apple Cider Vinegar, Fermented Noni juice, fresh pressed Ginger and Turmeric Juice, Maui Raw Honey and Hawaiian chili pepper tincture.  Always made in small batches often, to ensure the freshest product for you.


Herb energetics: Warming & Drying


Check out our island inspired Fire Cider!  A powerful alkalizing health tonic to charge your body with amazing Maui grown antioxidants & anti-inflammatories. 

  Noni is an amazing fruit with a history of use in Hawaiian indigenous culture, among others. Noni is loaded with beneficial plant chemicals including Anthraquinones, which play an important role in cancer treatment.  Noni promotes cell repair and has an overall balancing effect on the body, we are proud to be able to share this amazing fruit with the world.

Turmeric and Ginger are pressed fresh and added to promote healing, reduce inflammation and support digestive and immune systems.  Hawaiian chili pepper tincture (5% or less of total volume) promotes circulation while adding a nice spice to the fire. Raw Hawaiian honey cuts the bitter and spicy components just right, rounding out the deliciously potent combination. Maui Fire Cider provides you a boost of antioxidants and stimulates your circulation to push the many beneficial components to all parts of your body.


Best used as a daily health tonic. Take 1-3 droppers up to 3 times per day.


Hold the tonic under your tongue for up to one minute before swallowing to get full benefits.  Since herbs can have a different effect on individual systems, dosage will vary. Start on the low end of the suggested dosage and slowly work your way up until you are feeling the desired effect.

Maui Fire Cider


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